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Contaminated Land Risk Assessments

Contaminated Land Risk Assessments

We offer Contaminated Land Risk Assessments to support planning applications for all types and scales of development throughout the UK. Our prices are among the most competitive on the market. Feel free to call us on 0800 470 3410 for an obligation free discussion and quote or click HERE to request a formal quotation by email.

The benefits of our Contaminated Land Risk Assessments include:

  • Improved chances of obtaining permission  and reduced risk of hold ups in the planning process – we aim to get it right first time
  • Quick turnaround time for Phase 1 Reports – we aim to have your report ready within 3 to 5 working days
  • Cost effective – our prices are among the most competitive on the market
  • Professional and High Quality – our Contaminated Land consultants have a minimum of an MSc degree and extensive experience of dealing with planning submissions.

Contact us if you are looking to:

  • submit a new planning application for a new development or alteration;
  • comply with a planning permission condition for a new development or alteration;
  • purchase a property or site and want to undertake a Due Diligence Assessment;
  • find out more about the contamination status of your home

We take a phased approach to risk assessment to ensure that we only undertake the works that are necessary at a site. Depending on your requirements we can supply you with a:

  • Phase I (Desk Top Study) Report – involves a review of historical information in order to identify the potential for contamination at the site and its possible impacts on health and the environment.
  • Phase 2 (Intrusive Site Investigation) Report – using the information gained from Phase 1, an appropriate site investigation is undertaken to identify if contaminants are present on the site at potentially harmful concentrations.
  • Phase 3 (Remediation design, Implementation and Validation) Report – Where site contamination levels are considered to be potentially harmful, we can design, implement and validate a remediation strategy for you to ensure that the site meets the requirements for its intended use.

Depending on the required depths of boreholes for soil sampling and groundwater and ground gas monitoring  we are able to undertake site investigations using a variety of methods depending on access restrictions, ground conditions at the site and your requirements .  These include  (click on link to find out more):

  • Trial Pitting – involves either manual or mechnical excavation of a hole in order to take samples and inspect the soil profile. Usually only used at shallow depths.
  • Hand Augering – Hand augering can generally be undertaken to depths of 3 – 5mbgl in Clays but this will be dependent on the local geology. Hand augering is generally unsuitable for Sand and/or Gravels.
  • Hand-held Window Sampling – The sample tubes are driven into the ground using a hydraulic hammer and are then retrieved with the use of a compact hydraulic jack which takes its power from the same hydraulic pack used to power the hammer.
  • Dynamic Windowless Sampling –  involves driving cylindrical steel tubes into the ground using a hydraulic hammer. Used when soil samples and inspection of the soil profile is required to depths of up to 10 – 12m or where access to the site with larger equipment is difficult.
  • Cable Percussion Drilling – where deep boreholes (i.e. up to 15-30m) and soil samples are required for foundation design
  • Rotary Drilling – used where drilling through bedrock is anticipated.

If you would like to learn more about land contamination and the requirement for a contaminated land risk assessment to support your planning application, we recommend that you check out the following links:

Governement Guidance – Contaminated Land

Planning Practice Guidance – Why should local planning authorities be concerned about land contamination?

Land Remediation Tax Relief – or Contaminated Land Tax Relief, allows businesses to claim relief of 150% of the cost in cleaning up the site, against their Corporation Tax bill.

Call us on 0800 470 3410 to discuss requirements or your click HERE to request a quote.

PLEASE NOTE: We also undertake flood risk assessments. If you order a Flood Risk Assessment along with a Contamination Assessment, we will give you a 25% discount off the standard prices.