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Environmental Search Reports

Environmental Search Reports

We offer a range of detailed environmental search reports to members of the public, conveyancing solicitors and environmental professionals depending on your requirement.

We are able to provide environmental search reports for both residential and commercial sites

An environmental search can be required for a number of reasons, for example it may be recommended by your conveyancing solicitor when purchasing a property or under instruction from a mortgage lender.

We can provide a selection of reports that will amongst other things, inform you if:

  • the site or surrounding area may be contaminated as a result of previous industrial uses
  • the property is at risk from flooding
  • the property is in an area where natural or manmade ground stability hazards may exist
  • the property is in an area where radon may be an issue

We include our professional opinion in every report we produce and our searches are covered by £5 million professional indemnity insurance.

Our information sources

We draw on a variety of sources to provide as detailed a report as possible, these include the Ordnance Survey of Great Britain, Environment Agency, Local Authorities, The British Geological Society, Coal Authority, English Nature and English/Scottish Heritage and Natural Resources Wales.


Starting from £25 excluding VAT for a basic residential environmental screen, we offer some of the most competitive prices on the market.

Why choose STM’s environmental search reports?

Some of the  reasons for choosing our environmental searches are outlined below:

  • Cost Effective: We supply environmental searches directly to Solicitors. Cutting out the middle man means that you can save up to 40% on the cost of each search.
  • Authoratative Information: Our unique ordering service provides direct and easy access to key regulatory environmental information held by Local Authorities, the Environment Agency, the British Geological Society and the Coal Authority. In addition to providing you with this key information, we are also able to offer professional interpretation of the data as well as give advice with respect of the best course of action to take should it turn out that the property is a potential liability.
  • Quick, Easy and Secure Access – Save yourself time and stress by ordering your search through the Landcheck portal.
  • Electronic transfer of information – The Landcheck portal is totally electronic. You are informed instantly by email when your search reports are ready for download. However, paper copies of reports can also be ordered where required.
  • Information that you can understand – We endeavour to design all the reports that we create in such a way that a layman can understand them. As well as this we try to ensure that our reports contain “information” rather than “data for the sake of data” .
  • Information you can rely on – All our environmental risk reports are backed up by our professional opinion of an experienced environmental. Our reports include a clear explanation of environmental risks associated with a property.

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