Water Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Fill My Soakaway Pit

  • March 12, 2018

As part of our SuDS strategies we often recommend soakaways as mitigation for surface water run-off. The feasability of a soakaway at a site needs to be determined prior to installation by undertaking infiltration testing.

Infiltration Testing is a type of field test to determine the infiltration rate of a particular area’s soils and explore the subsurface conditions underneath the soil or pavement surface. The “infiltration rate” refers to the speed at which water enters into the soil.

To do this we excavate a trial hole (typically 1.0m length * 0.5m breadth * 1.5m depth) in an area of ground before filling it with water, in order to calculate the infiltration rate.

This process may seem simple at first, however many sites issues with respect to availability of running water. Even when water is available, a normal tap can take hours to fill the trial hole.

To solve the problem, we have recently acquired a new water bowser and water extraction licence from Thames Water. Our site crew have also been trained in using excavators. As a result, our soakaway test capabilities have grown massively enabling us to undertake more Surface Water Assessments.


test bowser

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