STMs Finds the Right Flood Modelling Solution

  • March 05, 2018

STM was recently appointed by a concerned home owner who wanted to redevelop his property which is partially located within a functional floodplain in Chertsey. However, the EA informed that the current best available flood modelling of the site was considered to be out of date and therefore insufficient for site specific designs.

STM  were requested to undertake detailed modelling at the site. STM undertook detailed topographical surveying  of the channel and surrounding area and produced a new hydraulic model which showed the flood risk at the site could be adequately managed. The output from the model was also handed over to the EA who were able to use it to update their flood maps.

As part of the works, we provided a level for level, storage for storage compensation scheme. We also undertook soakaway testing in line BRE 365 and provided SuDS recommendations to reduce surface runoff and  recommended flood resilience construction methods to make the development flood resistant.

STM firmly believes in collaboration, understanding and participation between all parties throughout the project. We worked closely with the EA and came up with a flood mitigation and resilience scheme for the new development. The client was over the moon with the works as it saved him from having to construct his finished floor levels at a much higher elevation.

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