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Cable Percussion Drilling

Cable Percussion drilling is useful for undertaking both environmental and geotechnical site investigations. Whether you need to monitor the quality of groundwater in the deep aquifer or  you are developing a basement and anticipate having to use piled foundations, then you will likely require deep boreholes to be drilled. In these cases, we can mobilise a standard Cable Percussion Rig to the site. This is a powerful drilling technique that is generally capable of reaching depths of 15-  20mbgl in a day depending on the geology encountered. Although it is a percussive method, it is also able to cope well in difficult geology such as dense Sand and Gravels.

Using a Cable Percussion Rig, we are able to undertake in-situ SPT testing, disturbed and undisturbed (U4) soil sampling ensuring that we collect all the information you require for the project.

The main drawback of Cable Percussion Rigs is that they are large and cumbersome (see images below)  and therefore can only be used on sites that have good access conditions. Where deep boreholes are required but access is restricted, we can mobilise a Cut Down (or Modular) Cable Percussion Rig to the site. This is essentially a Cable Percussion Rig that can be dismantled, moved to the drill position and reassembled. Images of both options are available below.

Standard Cable Percussion Rig


IMG_0145 IMG_0009

The images below show the Cut Down (Modular) Cable Percussion Rig being set up in Rear Garden of Residential Terraced Dwelling for which a basement development was being planned.  The final picture shows the garden after the works were completed.