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Hand Held Window Sampling

Hand held window is useful for undertaking soil sampling for environmental and geotechnical purposes. We usually carry out hand held sampling when  it is not possible to access a site with a drilling rig due to access or height restrictions.  The hand held window sampler consists of a jack hammer powered from a hydraulic power pack. A adaptor allows for the jack hammer to be connected to the window or windowless sampling barrels. The power pack is also used to power a set of hydraulic rams which are used to extract the sample barrels from the ground.

Although it is not possible to undertake in-situ soil strength tests such as  SPTs using this system, Hand Shear  Vane testing  undertaken within the hole can be used for assessing the strength of Clay soils, where  necessary. Depending on the local geology, our hand held window sampler can reach depths of up to 5 – 6mbgl.