STM Saves Client from Eye-Watering Remediation Bill

  • February 28, 2018

A Client recently contacted us requesting that we carry out a Phase 1 on a Brownfield site which they wished purchase in order to develop residential dwellings.

Although planning permission for the development had been granted, the Local Authority had placed a Contaminated Land Condition requiring Contaminated Land Risk Assessment to be undertaken prior to the commencement of the development.

STM carried out the Phase 1 Report, which identified that the site had previous contaminative uses including  a Builders Yard. The results of the subsequent intrusive site investigation revealed elevated concentrations of Lead and Asbestos in soils in the area that was intended for use as a communal garden. This meant that Remedial works were required in order to render the site suitable for the proposed residential end use.

STM further assisted the Client by undertaking the remedial works, saving them tens of thousands of pounds. As the risk assessment had been conducted pre-purchase, the Client was also to negotiate a reduction in price for the property with the seller.

This case study serves as a stark warning of the dangers of not conducting your Environmental Due Diligence prior to acquisition of any Brownfield property.

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