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Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I, II & III)

Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I, II & III)

We offer Environmental Due Diligence Assessments to support acquisitions of all types and scales throughout the UK. We have extensive experience and strive to ensure that our services offer the best value on the market. Call us on 0800 470 3410 to discuss requirements or your click HERE to request a quote

When making a commercial real estate transaction, hidden environmental liabilities can be devastating, costing up to millions of pounds in some cases.

Whether you are buying or selling a piece of land or a business, we can help you clearly identify and understand the environmental risks and liabilities associated with the deal. Aspects that need to be considered include potential land contamination, the presence of Asbestos containing materials in buildings, the compliance status of the site with respect to environmental permits, health and safety regulations, and liabilities such as unresolved accidents.

If you are considering an acquisition, you will want to be sure that your investment is a sound one rather than one that will result in major clean up costs or legal liabilities.

If you are in the process of selling a site or business, you may find that having a due diligence audit report available will give potential buyers increased assurance that the liabilities and risks associated with your site have been properly assessed, resulting in a speeder transaction.

We offer a complete range of environmental site and due diligence (EDD) audit services.  We can supply you with:

  • Phase I Liability Assessment Reports
  • Phase II Confirmation Sampling Reports
  • Phase III Site Characterisation Reports
Our Methodology

We focus on ensuring that our clients goals are met in the most cost-effective manner possible, whether they are to acquire, lease, transfer, re-finance, re-develop or improve the value of commercial/industrial real estate.

Our Audits are carried out in general accordance with the ASTM standards. Our audits are conducted in a systematic manner and are divided into three phases that relate to varying depths of evaluation.

A Phase I Liability Assessment typically comprises site visits, records review, regulatory review, geologic and hydrogeologic review, report preparation and report review. It is performed to determine whether environmental contamination is likely to be present at a property which may result in future environmental liability.

Phase II Confirmation Sampling involves the use of limited site sampling to confirm or deny any suspected contamination identified in Phase I.

Phase III Site Characterisation is a comprehensive study to fully characterise the nature and extent of contamination at a property and any affected populations or environmental receptors. A phase III assessment typically comprises plan development, site characterisation, risk assessment, remedial technology recommendations, cost estimation, report preparation and report review. Phase III assessments are performed only after a Phase II assessment has confirmed that there is contamination at the site.

We recognise the importance of effective risk communication and therefore tailor our reports to the target audience, ensuring that the risks associated with a site are clearly presented and easily understood.

We can perform audits on operational as well as decommissioned industrial sites. Costs are depend on the sites area and complexity. Fixed price contract work can be arranged.

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Call us on 0800 470 3410 to discuss requirements or your click HERE to request a quote.