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Contaminated Land Site Remediation

Contaminated Land Site Remediation

When considering any proposed residential development, the Local Planning Authority (LPA) and Insurers must be satisfied that there is no significant risk of significant harm to future occupants of the site from potential soil contamination.

Similarly if you are purchasing a site, your Lenders  will need to be sure that they are not financing a future liability and that their money is secure.

Assessing the contamination status of a site is most commonly carried out through a staged process starting with a Phase 1 Desk Study progressing to a Phase 2 intrusive site investigation and then finally Phase 3 remediation and verification works if required. At each stage, an updated risk assessment is required to highlight the need for any additional work on the site to reduce potential risks.

Where remediation is shown to be required, the LPA will normally require a Remediation Strategy detailing the measures that will be taken to render the proposed development suitable for use to be produced and submitted for approval.

The form of remediation  can vary widely depending on the type of contaminants that have been identified and the clean up goals. It may be simple excavation of contaminated soils and replacement with clean soil. Alternatively if groundwater is impacted, it may require undertaking groundwater treatment (i.e. pump and treat, dual phase extraction, monitored natural attenuation).  Therefore the strategy will need to consider a range of measures taking into account timescales and costs.

On approval of the strategy and subsequent completion of the suggested remedial works, the site must be ‘validated’ to ensure that the stated objectives have been achieved. A verification report detailing the results of the site validation is required. The verification report provides a complete record of all remediation activities on site and the data collected as identified in the verification plan to support compliance with agreed remediation objectives and criteria.

STM can undertake all the phases of the contaminated land risk assessment and remediation process. We work with a trusted network of  partners to ensure that we are able to deliver whatever the scale of the problem.

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NB: Land Remediation Tax Relief – or Contaminated Land Tax Relief, allows businesses to claim relief of 150% of the cost in cleaning up the site, against their Corporation Tax bill.