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Environmental Permitting

Environmental Permitting

The Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) 2010 were introduced on 6 April 2010, replacing the 2007 Regulations.

In 2007 the Regulations combined the Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) and Waste Management Licensing (WML) regulations. Their scope has since been widened to include water discharge and groundwater activities, radioactive substances and provision for a number of Directives, including the Mining Waste Directive. As a consequence many businesses that did not need a permit before the new regulations, now do.

We specialise in helping businesses successfully manage compliance with the new regulations. We can help you:

We also offer a term package to provide you with in-house environmental expertise at a frequency to suit your pocket. We can assess your management needs and work with your staff to develop their understanding of the issues, compile management systems and provide an on call information resource to ensure you are kept up to speed with new legislation that may impact your business.