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Noise Assessment and Control

Noise Assessment and Control

We offer a full range of environmental noise assessment and control services for both the private and public sector. Call us on 0800 470 3410 to discuss requirements or your click HERE to request a quote.

The services that we are able to provide include:

  • Planning noise and vibration assessment in accordance with NPPF, BS 4142 and BS 6472
  • Assessment of sound insulation within buildings in accordance with BS 8233
  • Industrial and construction noise and vibration monitoring and compliance assessment (BS 4142)
  • Assessment and control of entertainment noise (i.e. from pubs, clubs, festivals etc.)
  • Noise at work assessments in line with HSE guidance (including BS 5228 – control of noise on constructions sites

Where noise levels are too high we can identify each contributing noise source, the reduction required and recommend appropriate noise control measures. We can also assist you in implementing the remedial works.