GV is a model-independent graphical design system for MODFLOW MODPATH (both steady-state and transient versions), MT3DMS, MODFLOWT, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MODFLOW2000, GFLOW, RT3D, PATH3D, SEAWAT and PEST, the model-independent calibration software. The combination of PEST and GV's automatic sensitivity analysis make GV a powerful calibration tool.

Groundwater Vistas comes in 3 versions:

    • Standard - basic 3D groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, calibration and optimization

    • Advanced - includes Monte Carlo versions of MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3D, plus some new stochastic processing features

    • Enterprise - includes everything in the Advanced version, along with the GW3D visualization tool, and a license for Remote Model Launch.

The advanced (stochastic) version of Groundwater Vistas provides the ideal groundwater risk assessment tool. Groundwater Vistas is the first modeling environment for the MODFLOW family of models that allows for the quantification of uncertainty. Stochastic Groundwater Vistas includes Monte Carlo versions of MODFLOW, MODPATH and MT3D , Geostatistical Simulators SWIFT support and more.

The new Enterprise version includes two additional features. GW3D - a 3D visualization tool that works seamlessly with Groundwater Vistas, and the Remote Model Launch feature which can launch MODFLOW, MODPATH, and MT3DMS over a network on another workstation. Existing Vistas users can purchase the GW3D and Remote Model Launch features separately. Up to 10 Remote Model Lauch licenses can be purchased for each Vistas license so that multiple model simulations can be launched and run simultaneously from a single Vistas license.

GV displays the model design in both plan and cross-sectional views using a split window (both views are visible at the same time). Model results are presented using contours, shaded contours, velocity vectors, and detailed analysis of mass balance.
Features and Benefits


  • Windows - The other major groundwater modeling products were ported from Unix or DOS. GV was designed for Windows 95, 98, and NT exclusively. GV offers cut/copy/paste, WYSIWYG printing, and a multi-document interface.

  • Telescopic Mesh Refinement - Telescopic Mesh Refinement (TMR) is the process of creating a local scale Refined model from a large scale model. Both steady state and transient TMR models can be created. No other modeling interface has this capability!

  • Automated Calibration - GV already supports not just one but a variety of inverse (auto-calibration) models including PEST, UCODE, and a new inverse model built right into the GV interface. You may calibrate on any combination of aquifer parameters including hydraulic conductivity, vertical conductance, boundary head, well flow rate, recharge, and evapotranspiration. No other modeling interface has this capability!

  • All MODFLOW Version - GV supports all versions of MODFLOW, MT3D, and MODPATH, including MODFLOW'96, MODFLOWT, MODFLOW-SURFACT, MT3D'96, MT3DMS, and RT3D. No other modeling interface has this capability!

  • RT3D Model - GV supports the use of the RT3D model, a multi-species reactive transport code based on MT3D. RT3D is designed to simulate natural attenuation processes, accelerated bioremediation schemes, and dissolution of NAPLs.

  • Monte Carlo Risk Analysis - You may upgrade the standard GV to Stochastic Groundwater Vistas and get special Monte Carlo versions of MODFLOW, MODPATH, and MT3D. No other modeling interface has this capability!

  • 3D Visualization - GV exports data to a variety of formats for viewing model results using the latest 3D products, including Slicer, Earth Vision, EVS, Environmental Workbench, Tecplot, and others. No other modeling interface supports this many formats!

  • Hydrostratigraphic Units - GV now includes the option of defining hydrostratigraphic units, which are defined by grouping aquifer units together. Several zones, spanning several layers can be grouped together, for performing group sensitivity analyses and calibration. This new feature saves you time!

  • Matrix Calculator - This important new feature allows you to display a combination of any selected model parameters (conductivity, recharge, layer elevation, etc.) or computed value (head, concentration, velocity, etc.) This enables you to show input/output relationships.

  • Import/Export Anything - You may import just about any type of data into Groundwater Vistas and export it back out again. File types include SURFER grid files, DXF files, ASCII text files, matrix files, MODFLOW files, etc. You may also use cut/copy/paste to and from any spreadsheet in GV.

System Requirements

Groundwater Vistas is sold by default with a dongle. These devices fit on a USB port
and license the software

Product Price