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Create an agile enterprise with workflow management today!

Miscommunication and inefficiencies in the project management process can be very stressful when working in teams. More importantly, they  hinder the company's ability to meet the Clients' requirements which  can lead to major losses over time. The GeoEnviron Project Management System helps you to get a grip and streamline your workflow processes ensuring everyone on your team is on the same page.

GeoEnviron is a tried and tested system that is currently being used by hundreds of public and private sector Clients around the world.

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The GeoEnviron Project Management System is a set of software tools that help you  manage all your projects and daily workflows. The software is ideal for small or large teams alike. It’s main features include that it is Cloud based making the transition to remote based team working much easier, integrates with Microsoft Office (i.e. Word and Outlook) and Geographical Information Systems such as ESRI's ArcGIS and the opensource QGIS.

The product is offered as a subscription based service which means that implementation costs are low. We also offer an excellent training and support service for the software.

The system includes:

  • Case Management System - Allocate projects and tasks to individual team members specifying completion deadlines.

  • Document Management System - Allows you to manage documents (i.e. emails, reports etc) associated with the project.

  • Quality Management System - Allows you to set up your own procedures specifying the steps/tasks that need to be completed as part of the project and deadlines for completion.

  • Diaries and Task Managers - Individual and team calendars that with  warning features when completion deadlines are in danger of being exceeded.

  • Time and Costs Management - Allows you to keep a track of the amount of time being used  by individual team members on projects and associated the costs to the Client allowing for easier justification of billing invoices.

  • Extensive Reporting Facilities - Allows managers to monitor team and  project delivery efficiency.

  • GIS integration - Allows for visualisation of the location of projects and easy creation of site plans. We are also able to supply OS Mastermap as a web service if required.

  • Office Integration - Allows you to synchronise your tasks with Microsoft Outlook further helping to ensure that  deadlines are not missed.

All these features that can be customised to suit your individual requirements.




  • Ensure you meet your project and task deadlines and increase customer satisfaction

  • Streamline work processes, work faster and increase efficiency.

  • Accurate information when you need it

  • Improve team communication and coordination

  • Allow your team one place to plan, track and collaborate in a single system

  • Allow managers to easily prioritise projects, make assignments, and get real time updates on progress.

  • Maximise Efficiency

  • Improve Speed & Quality

  • Reduce Costs

  • Reliable data storage and management - the system employs high performance SQL databases for reliable and efficient data and document management as well as networking.

  • Quality support and continuous development - a total quality management approach is taken towards the delivery of support services. The system is subject to a programme of continuous improvement driven by users' requirements.

  • GeoEnviron has advanced security features allowing for the creation of user accounts with passwords and tagging of individual tables to indicate levels of confidentiality meaning that users can be given appropriate access privileges to individual tables.

  • Excellent training and support service for the software.

We can host the software for you on our cloud based server meaning that you do not need to worry about all the techy stuff.

Alternatively GeoEnviron can be installed in house as a client/server (multi-user) or as a desktop (stand-alone) application. We also support installation of the system on a virtual server (i.e. CITRIX, VMWare). Available Databases are Microsoft’s SQL Server (MSS) or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA).

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