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Water Hygiene & Legionella Risk Management

Water Hygiene & Legionella Risk Management

We offer Legionella Risk Assessment services to support duty holders for all types and scales of hot and cold water systems throughout the UK. Feel free to call us on 0845 303 9434 for an obligation free discussion and quote or  click HERE to request a quote..

We are able to undertake all aspects of water management consultancy work. As a small company, we are flexible, agile and have an acute sensitivity of costs. We strive to ensure that our services are cost-effective and offer the best value on the market.

What is Legionella?

Legionella phnuemophila is a bacterium that can cause the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. Species exist in natural water sources in low concentrations. The bacterium can also thrive in favourable conditions within man-made systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools. The risks can however be controlled by introducing appropriate measures.

If you are in control of premises either as a landlord or employer, you have the following legal duties to comply with in relation to the risks associated with legionella:

  • Identification and assessment.
  • Preparation of a scheme to prevent or control.
  • Management and on-going monitoring (including record keeping).
  • Appointment of a risk manager and responsible person.

STM Environmental provides full legislative compliance services to address your specific requirements:

  • Legionella Risk Assessments – identification and assessment of your premise’s water system and associated assets, including a schematic representation. Assessment of the susceptibility to infection of your employees, residents or visitors and whether they could be exposed to contaminated water. Scheduling and strategising a control regime.
  • Water sampling – testing for Legionella, TVCs and Coliform/E.coli. All our samples are analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory using BS methodologies.
  • Remedial services and system modifications – including Tank Clean and Chlorinations, Dead-Leg Removal, Shower Cleans etc.
  • Temperature and water quality monitoring implementation –managing and undertaking your control schemes using our highly experienced, competent engineers.

We work hard to ensure that the interpretive reports we provide give clear recommendations and are easily understandable by a lay person. 

  • This ensures risk assessments, logbooks, water sample results and remedial work outcomes are fully comprehensible by duty holders and building occupiers.

We endeavor to ensure that all our water hygiene services are carried out in strict accordance with the following current Health and Safety legislation and guidance documents:

  • Approved Code of Practice L8: Legionnaires’ disease and HSG274: Part 2 – Health and Safety Executive guidance on the control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems.
  • BS 8580 Water quality – British Standard guide to risk assessments for Legionella Control.
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 –  Legislation placing the duty on all employers “to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work”.
  • COSHH Regulations 2002 – Framework to help protect people in the workplace against health risks from hazardous substances.
  • EC Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC – European Commission directive concerning the quality of water intended for human consumption.

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