A New Arrow in STM’s Quiver

  • March 12, 2018

Having recently acquired a new water bowser, as well as our site crew being trained in utilizing an excavator, our Surface Water Investigation capabilities have grown massively over the last month.

Infiltration Testing is a type of field test to determine the infiltration rate of a particular area’s soils and explore the subsurface conditions underneath the soil or pavement surface. The “infiltration rate” refers to the speed at which water enters into the soil. To do this we excavate an area of ground before filling it with water, in order to calculate the drainage rate.

This process may seem simple at first, however many sites have access issues as well as a lack of running water. STM’s new water bowser kills two birds with one stone by allowing us to transport water in a way that allows access to tricky sites, enabling us to undertake more Surface Water Assessments.

For more information about Surface Water Assessments click here. 

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