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Surface Water Drainage Strategies (SuDS)

Surface Water Drainage Strategies (SuDS)

We offer preliminary and detailed Surface Water Drainage (SuDs) design services to support planning applications

Development within flood risk zones now invariably require some form of Surface Water Drainage strategy. We can develop a Surface Water Drainage strategy for your development as a separate piece of work or in conjunction with your Flood Risk Assessment.

What is a Surface Water Drainage Strategy

A Surface Water Drainage Strategy (also known as SuDS in urban areas) provides a natural approach to managing surface water run-off from a site by reducing the rate of run off through the promotion of infiltration or by storage. The benefits include:

  • reducing the risk of flooding
  • preventing water pollution
  • increasing green amenity space and providing habitat for wildlife in urban areas

What we can do:

We are able to design of Surface Water Drainage strategies for developments using one or a combination of the following techniques:

  • green roofs
  • permeable surfaces
  • infiltration trenches filter drains and filter strips
  • swales – shallow drainage channels
  • detention basins, purpose built ponds and wetlands

Benefits of our Surface Water Drainage Strategies include:

  • Improved chances of obtaining planning permission
  • Improved communication with regulatory authorities
  • You as a client will obtain a better understanding of issues involved
  • Reduced risk of hold ups in the planning application process