STM Saves Client from £100,000 Environmental Due Diligence Quote!

  • February 28, 2018

A client recently bought a property with the intention to develop 4 residential dwellings on the site. However, the client had bought the property before conducting their Environmental Due Diligence.

This meant that when the Local Authority placed a Contaminated Land Condition on the Planning Application, the new owners were already liable.

STM carried out the Phase 1 Report, which identified that the site had previous contaminative uses as a Laundry and Rifle Range. The results of the subsequent Intrusive Site Investigation revealed an increased concentration of Lead PAHs and asbestos in the soil. Therefore, Phase 3 Remediation was necessary to remove the contaminated topsoil and import clean replacement soils.

The client prudently shopped around for multiple quotes for these remediation services. However, they were shocked when quoted over £100,000 for the services by another company.

Needless to say, STM’s fair pricing policy resulted in a far more viable quote, which the client delightedly agreed to.


This serves as a stark warning of the dangers of not conducting Environmental Due Diligence prior to acquisition of a property, as not doing so leaves you liable to any future costs. As without STM’s intervention, the client would have faced an eye-watering bill!

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