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Flood risk is now a material consideration in determining planning applications. Flood risk assessments may be required in cases where the development site lies within a modelled flood plain or in the vicinity of a fluvial or tidal watercourse or where a development site is over one hectare in size.

We offer Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) for all types and scales of development throughout the UK. All our work is carried out in accordance with Planning Policy Guidance (PPS25 - England, TAN15 - Wales, SPP7 - Scotland).

The type of assessments we perform range from simple screening reports (Level 1 PPS25) through to detailed flood risk reports including mitigation works (Level 3 PPS25) and river modelling using HEC-RAS modelling software.

Assessments can be undertaken at the pre or post application stage depending on your requirements.

  • Improved chances of obtaining planning permission

  • Improved communication with regulatory authorities

  • You as a client will obtain a better understanding of issues involved

  • Reduced risk of hold ups in the planning application process

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