MapEagle is GIS based Report Writer that provides an easy and convenient way for carrying out site sensitivity analysis using your GIS. It allows you to automatically carry out buffer searches around a site and outputs the results (maps and the data) directly to Microsoft Word or PDF. MapEagle is an invaluable tool for any professional who needs to analyse and report on data contained within a GIS as a routine part of their job.

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MapEagle is an ideal tool for large and small organisations that wish to leverage the power of GIS and transform distributed data into information. MapEagle has a wide range of potential uses which include:

  • Planning departments -screening of planning applications to identify constraints/consultees

  • Environmental Health Departments - responding to contaminated land/environmental enquiries. Undertaking desk studies.

  • Drainage & Highways Departments - Reporting on flood assets and incidents

  • Archaeological Institutions - screening development sites

  • Countryside management - screening development sites

  • Crime reporting and policing etc.

As long as the data is within your GIS, MapEagle is able to report on it.

MapEagle is available as a standalone application that utilises MapInfo’s MapX or as an extension for ESRI's ArcMap 9 and 10. It is also available for GGP. All applications are compatible with Microsoft Word versions 98 through to 2013.

  • Quick & Convenient - MapEagle is simple and convenient to use. You will be producing professional looking reports directly from your GIS within a matter of a few minutes.

  • Easy and intuitive to use

  • Accurate - reduces the likelihood of errors being made when responding to enquiries.

  • Cost Effective – helps leverage your investment in your GIS and data.

  • Instant Access - MapEagle is easy to install and set up.

  • Flexible - MapEagle can be easily configured and used for all kinds of spatial analysis.

Annual Software Maintenance

We strongly recommend that you subscribe to the annual maintenance program when you purchase MapEagle. Annual maintenance is calculated as 18% of the software purchase price and provides you with the following benefits:

  • Software maintenance - patches and upgrades within the version are provided free of extra charge.

  • Unlimited telephone hotline support (within normal working hours) – you can call us up as much as you like at no extra cost.

  • Membership of the MapEagle User Group (meets once a year) and access to the on-line discussion forum.



We recommend that you purchase a one day training course along with the software. Training can be tailored to suit each user’s needs. The standard cost for training is £650 per day for up to 3 people (call for details if you would like to have more people trained).

The training is assumed to take place at your premises. You will be responsible for providing the training facilities (i.e. training room, computers, refreshments etc).


MapEagle is installed as a single user application on each PC. It can be licensed on a Single User Licence Model or concurrent user model.

Under the Single User licence model, the MapEagle software may be installed on and accessed from a number of computers equal to the number of licenses purchased at any time.

Under the concurrent user licence model the MapEagle software may be installed on and accessed from as many computers as required. Simultaneous or concurrent access to the software is restricted to the number of concurrent user licenses purchased.

An IBM®-compatible computer with at least 2GHz (or equivalent) processor

At least 1GB RAM

At least 600MB of free disk space after Microsoft® Windows has been installed

Network users only: 1Gbps network with Microsoft Windows networking



Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 10

Supported Microsoft Word versions :
2010 - 2019

Supported ESRI GIS:
ArcGIS 10.3  - 10.6

Supported MapInfo GIS:
MapX version 5

MapEagle is compatible with CITRIX and most thin client softwares.

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