GeoEnviron’s GIS solutions provide practical mapping capabilities alongside the powerful data managament facilties available within the GeoEnviron RDBMS. They come in two forms - an embedded GIS known as GeoMap, or a link to an external GIS (MapInfo Professional, ArcView or Microstation).

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Detailed Info

GeoEnviron’s GIS solutions are designed to provide practical mapping capabilities that are useful on a daily basis. We recognise that ‘one size does not fit all’ (especially when it comes to GIS) and therefore offer solutions that utilise a range of the standard GIS technologies available (MapInfo, ESRI, GGP) as well as cater for the novice and experienced GIS user.

The solutions come in three forms - an embedded GIS or a link to an external GIS, or both of the former. All the solutions allow users to create layers using data from the database.
These layers can be used to display the locations and extent of premises, boreholes and samples as well as addresses from the GeoEnviron Gazetteer.

Different operations can be performed on these database layers. For example clicking on a premises on a database layer causes the premises information (i.e. case history etc) to be displayed within the application module in which it is registered . Additional functionality such as for example, carrying out a search to determine if there are any contaminated sites lying within a specifed distance of a specific address is also available. The layers can also be used to create interesting thematics that can be used in reports.

Features and benefits

GeoMap uses either MapInfo’s MapX, Cadcorp's MapViewer or GGP’s technology to provide a fully functional GIS that is embedded within the GeoEnviron system with facitities that have been tailored to meet your specific needs.

This embedded solutions offers a low cost method for providing mapping facilities to an entire group of Officers. The type of access (i.e. read or write access) to the maps can be configured for each user giving the opportunity for further savings

GeoEnviron/MapInfo Integration

The GeoEnviron/MapInfo integration provides a seamless linkage between GeoEnviron and MapInfo Professional. This solution is suitable for the experienced MapInfo Professional User who requires access to a fully functional GIS alongside the GeoEnviron database on a daily basis.

GeoEnviron/ArcView Integration

The GeoEnviron/ArcView integration provides a seamless linkage between the GeoEnviron database and ArcView. The integration adds a toolbar to the ArcView window which can then be used to create and manage database layers as well as navigate between the GIS and the database.

This solution is suitable for the experienced ArcGIS User who requires access to a fully functional GIS alongside the GeoEnviron database on a daily basis.

System Requirements

Operating System - GeoEnviron supports Microsoft Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 95/98) and Novell NetWare version 4.1 operating systems.

CPU - a Pentium or similar is recommended on both server and client machines.
Memory - a minimum of 256MB is recommended on the server. A minimum of 128MB is recommended on a client PC.

Hard Disk – approximately 500MB of hard disk space is required for the entire system. The database as well as GeoEnviron’s program files are placed centrally on the server in the case of a client/server installation.

General Information

Back up - the system is installed with a back up procedure that can be called from an existing back up procedure.

System Recovery - the database is capable of automatic roll back meaning only unsaved transactions will be lost in the event of system failure.

Database Connectivity - utilises Open Database Connectivity for ASA. Native Driver is used for MS SQL server.

GeoEnviron Web applications - utilise classic ASP,, and Javascript. They can run under browser versions IIS4 and upwards

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