The GeoEnviron Private Water Supply module has been designed to handle data generated during the administrative and technical activities associated with the management of private water supplies. Water quality monitoring programs for example, involve taking large numbers of samples and analysing them for a wide range of parameters over a long period of time. This invariably results in the generation of large amounts of data which often need to be presented in different formats for a variety of interested parties.

Detailed Info

The 2009 Private Water Supplies Regulations will introduce a radical new regime for the assessmentand improvement of private water supplies. Reliance on end-testing has been replaced by ajoint approach involving comprehensive risk assessment confirmed by monitoring. Oncesupplies have been established as unwholesome, local authorities are required under the legislationto take action to ensure the supplies are improved to provide consistently safe drinking water.

The challenges for local authorities fall into three distinct areas –

  • risk assessment

  • monitoring and interpretation of water quality

  • obtaining satisfactory outcomes and full compliance with microbiological and chemical water standards.

All multiple supplies will have to be risk assessed and actions taken to bring about improvements where necessary. New duties require Serving statutory notices for failures, with prosecution and/or default in cases of noncompliance. These will sit alongside traditional educative and persuasive options. Clearly therefore, the new regulations will require local authorities to rethink their present approaches to improving private water supplies.
The GeoEnviron Private Water Supply module has been specifically designed to help local authorities cope with the new requirements and responsibilities.
As with all the GeoEnviron modules, all the data stored within the module is accessible
from a single User window. You can record information on:

Owner/Operator details

  • Water Supply Type

  • Sampling & Monitoring Data

  • Treatment Plant Data

  • GIS Data

  • General Purpose Notes

As with other GeoEnviron modules, the Water Supply module is tightly integrated
with GeoMap, the built in GIS as well as with a variety of external GIS programs (MapInfo,ArcView, GeoMedia etc). This gives you the ability to analyse your data spatially, allowing you to quickly locate areas where pesticides or point source pollution may be an issue.
Data on samples or boreholes can be retrieved and viewed by simply double-clicking the map on the borehole or sample of interest. The relevant database module will be opened up and the required data displayed.
The map can also be queried via the database. Whenever boreholes or samples are retrieved in the database, they are automatically centred in the GIS, allowing you to quickly visualise their location.

Features and benefits

  • Transparent risk assessment system

  • Comprehensive management of monitoring data using a powerful SQL database management system

  • Tight integration to GIS

  • Easy access and visualisation of data

GeoEnviron can be installed as a client/server (multi-user) or as a desktop (stand-alone) application. We also support installation of the system on a virtual server (i.e. CITRIX, VMWare). Available Databases are Microsoft’s SQL Server (MSS) or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA).

Server Requirements

Parameter Requirement

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server – v. 2000, 2005, 2008 or

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere v. 11

Operating system
Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP , 2008, Pro, Novell NetWare

Client/Workstation Requirements

Parameter Minimum Requirement

Operating system

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7



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