The GeoEnviron system incorporates a gazetteer for managing property data.

Detailed Info

The gazetteer can be linked to all the application modules, allowing users the opportunity to transfer address data directly from it when registering new cases. This ensures that the address data entered is accurate and consistent throughout the entire system.

The gazetteer can also be used to interrogate the entire database to find out whether a particular address is the subject of an investigation. It can also be used to carry out address based radius searches to determine if, for example, there are any registered contaminated sites, complaints, pest infestations etc. in the vicinity of a particular address.

Features and benefits

The modules main features are summarised below.

  • BS766 compliant

  • Can be linked to all GeoEnviron modules

  • Helps ensures address entry is accurate and consistent

  • Helps ensures address based searches are effective

  • Allows you to carry out address based radius searches via intranet/internet

GeoEnviron can be installed as a client/server (multi-user) or as a desktop (stand-alone) application. We also support installation of the system on a virtual server (i.e. CITRIX, VMWare). Available Databases are Microsoft’s SQL Server (MSS) or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA).

Server Requirements

Parameter Requirement

SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server – v. 2000, 2005, 2008 or

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere v. 11

Operating system
Windows NT, 2000, 2003, XP , 2008, Pro, Novell NetWare

Client/Workstation Requirements

Parameter Minimum Requirement

Operating system

Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7



Product Price