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The GeoEnviron Flood Risk Management System is a bespoke workflow and data management system developed to help Lead Local Flood Authorities (LLFAs) manage all the workflows associated with Local Flood Risk Management.

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The system consists of the following modules which can be purchased separately:

  • Flood Asset Register - designed to meet the requirements of section 21 of the Flood and Water management Act 2010

  • Flood Incident Module - for managing workflows and data associated with the investigation of flood incidents

  • Case Management module -managing workflows and data associated with SUDs and land drainage consent applications .

The system has been developed in line with the latest DEFRA guidance and allows you to:

  • Develop a Public Asset Register – a comprehensive database allows you to register and manage all the key information that you are likely to collect for each flood defence asset including its location, condition, ownership, performance and detailed specifications.

  • Collate and manage information on Flood Risk Areas – the system allows you to register identified flood risk areas and collate and manage local information on each area. This includes information on sources, pathways and receptors and data such as timing and extent of historic and future (potential) flood events and their consequences.

  • Prioritise Flood Risk Areas for action - The system includes a flexible prioritisation system that allows you to prioritise flood risk areas based on factors such as the number of people that may be affected and the potential loss of life, the number and type of economic assets that could be damaged, or the area of agricultural land that could be affected.

  • Easily map and visualise your data within Geographical Information Systems(GIS) - The system includes either a built-in GIS or an integration to an external GIS (such as ArcGIS, MapInfo, Cadcorp or GGP). Both options offer easy and powerful spatial visualization of your data (i.e. location on flood risk areas, assets, extent of past and future floods etc).

  • Create planned inspections and maintenance programmes - a powerful inspection and maintenance scheduler allows you to create fixed interval or flexible inspection and maintenance programmes. Each user has access to their own diary that gives an overview of tasks for a given period.

  • Track and manage incidents/problems - comprehensive case management facilities allow you to register and track incidences (i.e. failures, complaints etc) and actions related to a specific asset.

  • Management all your associated documents – comprehensive document facilities allow you to link any number of external documents (i.e. photos, Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, e-mails, videos) to a site or asset record.

  • Easily report on implementation progress - Powerful reporting facilities allow you to easily extract the data that you need from the system. A large range of integrated reports are available to provide information on specific assets and jobs as well as to provide information such as performance or KPI measures. All reports can easily be exported into Excel. Additionally you can create your own reports using Infomaker, an easy to use reporting tool.

  • Manage contacts – a BS7666 compliant contact management database allows you to manage details of contacts of officers from relevant organisations and authorities, asset owners, contractors etc and their roles and responsibilities.

  • Manage your budgets - The system includes budget management facilities that allow you to track of all costs incurred in maintenance of an asset (i.e. time, parts, contractors, mileage etc).

  • Collect data while mobile – The system can be purchased with mobile applications that allow data to be collected and updated in the field (i.e. when carrying out inspections of assets etc).

  • Share information via internet/intranet - GeoEnviron Web solutions give you the opportunity of publishing information contained within the Asset Register to the intranet or the internet.

The benefits that you will realize from implementing GeoEnviron include:

  • Fulfill your legal requirements - Fulfill the requirements of section 21 of the Flood and Water management Act 2010

  • More effective flood asset management - Develop better insight into which assets are key in an area and their current state. This enables you to develop more informed and targeted maintenance regimes.

  • Improve your strategic flood risk management - Identify defended and undefended areas and feed information back into your flood risk management strategy.

  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency of responses in times of floods - react quicker and more effectively during flood events by quickly identifying relevant assets and responsible authority/persons.

  • Develop more effective relationships with partners - Collate and share information across local authority boundaries allowing for better coordination of actions in times of emergency.

  • Make better use of limited resources – Focus your resources on assets that are critical in reducing flood risk in your area.

  • Training and ongoing support and maintenance - We supply the system with full top quality training and support to ensure that you get the most out of it. You also get access to a lively user group and online discussion forum.

GeoEnviron can be installed as a client/server (multi-user) or as a desktop (stand-alone) application. We also support installation of the system on a virtual server (i.e. CITRIX, VMWare). Available Databases are Microsoft’s SQL Server (MSS) or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA).

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