GeoEnviron is a collection of data management software applications for environmental professionals. GeoEnviron is being used in many countries across the world, including the UK.

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The GeoEnviron system consists of 3 integrated components:

  • a powerful SQL relational database management system (RDBMS)

  • powerful geographical information system (GIS) capabilities

  • web solutions that allow data contained within the system to be output to an Intranet or Internet

  • The RDBMS consists of a series of application modules dedicated to managing data gathered from desk top studies, site investigations, routine inspections, complaint investigations and monitoring activities. The system has a modular structure allowing you the flexibility to purchase individual applications separately.
    As well as storing data directly within the database, GeoEnviron gives you the opportunity to integrate to a wide range of third party software applications (i.e. word processors, spreadsheets, document imaging programs, etc).

Product Overview

The GeoEnviron System currently consists of the following modules.

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  • Contaminated Land

  • Case Management

  • Gazetteer

  • Site Survey Manager

  • Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)

  • Private Water Supply

  • Web Solutions

  • GIS Integration

Features and benefits

The major benefits you will realise from implementing GeoEnviron include:

  • Enhanced strategic planning and workflow analysis - designed by environmental specialists the system incorporates prioritisation and decision support systems. In addition, GIS facilities are integrated into the core of the system.

  • Reliable data storage and management - the system employs high performance SQL databases for reliable and efficient data and document management as well as networking.

  • Enhanced 'electronic service delivery' - the system is 'web-enabled' allowing for the sharing of data via an intranet or the internet.

  • Quality support and continuous development - a total quality management approach is taken towards the delivery of support services. The system is subject to a programme of continuous improvement driven by users' requirements.

System Requirements

  • Operating System - GeoEnviron supports Microsoft Windows (Vista, XP, 2000, NT, 95/98) and Novell NetWare version 4.1 operating systems.

  • CPU - a Pentium or similar is recommended on both server and client machines.

  • Memory - a minimum of 256MB is recommended on the server. A minimum of 128MB is recommended on a client PC.

  • Hard Disk – approximately 500MB of hard disk space is required for the entire system. The database as well as GeoEnviron’s program files are placed centrally on the server in the case of a client/server installation.

General Information

  • Back up - the system is installed with a back up procedure that can be called from an existing back up procedure.

  • System Recovery - the database is capable of automatic roll back meaning only unsaved transactions will be lost in the event of system failure.

  • Database Connectivity - utilises Open Database Connectivity for ASA. Native Driver is used for MS SQL server.

  • GeoEnviron Web applications - utilise classic ASP,, and Javascript. They can run under browser versions IIS4 and upwards

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