The GeoEnviron Contaminated Land Module is a data management for tool for local authority environmental officers in the process of implementing their Part 2A strategies. It consists of a simple to use, but advanced two stage site prioritisation system.

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Implementing Part 2A

The process of implementing Part 2A has for most authorities resulted in the generation of large amounts of data. This information is used for a variety of purposes including prioritising sites for inspection, advising colleagues (i.e. planners, valuers, housing officers), reporting to the Environment Agency and communicating risk to the professional and general public.

The data has come to form the basis of an historical land use archive which will be used for many years to come. It is therefore important that a robust and flexible Data Management System (DBMS) is employed for managing this data in order to make the most of this valuable resource.

What kind of IMS do I need?

Back in 2001, the former UK Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions issued a technical advice note on how L.A.’s should formulate and implement their contaminated land strategies.

The advice note lays down the foundation of what is considered good practice. Section 4.9 of the note is devoted to the subject of information management and gives recommendations on the basic requirements for an information management system. These are summarised below.

The Information Management System must be:

  • secure

  • capable of logging all information provided with respect to individual areas of land

  • able to tag information type (e.g. commercially confidential, subject to national security constraints, etc.)

  • capable of being audited to ensure that any information held is both accurately recorded and up to date

In addition, Local Authorities will need to consider how they will give all relevant departments and third parties (i.e. Environment Agency, members of the public, etc) access to the data, as well as whether their public registers will be in electronic or paper form.

The GeoEnviron Contaminated Land module fulfils all the requirements for an information management system laid out in the DETR Technical Advice Note and goes much further.
The major benefits you will realise from implementing the GeoEnviron Contaminated Land Module are described below.

  • GeoEnviron comes with a scientifically robust site prioritisation system designed by contaminated land specialists. The system and methodology used ensure that sites are prioritised transparently and consistently.

  • GeoEnviron comes with a user friendly built-in GIS as well as seamless integrations to external GIS programs including Mapinfo, ArcGIS, Cadcorp and GGP.

  • GeoEnviron comes with a powerful decision support system called InfoBase. InfoBase contains detailed information on hazardous contaminants, remediation technologies and DOE industry profiles.

  • The system uses high performance SQL databases for reliable and efficient data and document management.

  • GeoEnviron is a client/server system that can be accessed by multiple users at the same time with no loss in performance.

  • It has extensive facilities for recording meta-data, thereby easing the task of data auditing.

  • GeoEnviron has advanced security features allowing for the creation of user accounts with passwords and tagging of individual tables to indicate levels of confidentiality meaning that users can be given appropriate access privileges to individual tables.

  • GeoEnviron is web enabled allowing for effective data sharing via an intranet/internet. GeoEnviron Web solutions are ideal if you are considering implementing an internal search tool for planners or an on-line public register. They not only remove the worries associated with arrangements for public access but in addition, give you more control over the information accessed; save you time; and help you contribute to meeting your authority's e-government targets!


The software can be licensed for Single-Use or Concurrent Use. Currently the licence manager uses a hardware lock that must be installed on either the client or a network file server.
GeoEnviron can be installed as a client/server (multi-user) or as a desktop (stand-alone) application. We also support installation of the system on a virtual server (i.e. CITRIX, VMWare). Available Databases are Microsoft’s SQL Server (MSS) or Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere (ASA).

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